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 Thailand and Southeast Asia have been our playground for a long time. We know the region well and we can help you choose the best travel option whether it be by plane, train or sleeper bus. Anyone can sell tickets. What you need (and what we offer) is trustworthy travel advice. Check in and we’ll have a chat about what comes next!                

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Motorbike Rental

If you've done the research, you've read the horror stories. The last thing we want is our guests getting cheated by unscrupulous vendors, so we decided to get into the motorbike rental business ourselves. At the Taco Shack Hostel we keep motobike rental stress free. Here's how:

Scratch Insurance - Every rental comes with coverage for minor body damage. The roads are rough on Koh Tao. Scratches happen. You shouldn't get gouged for superficial damage.

Fair Replacement Pricing - If you crash and the bike suffers real damage we will charge a fair rate for replacement and repair. Before you sign the paperwork and ride away, you'll be given a price list for all replacement parts.

Cost: 300 baht per day (which includes scratch insurance).

Motorbikes are a great way to see the island. Do it worry free!

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