When you are on holiday and stringing together big nights out, you've got to get breakfast right! Here is a list of our favorite spots across the island. These are espresso + familiar food joints. For more local options like an omelette with pork, rice porridge (Jok) or a salapao (rice sticky bun) go back to the hole-in-the-wall restaurant you went to the night before. They will take care of you. But, be warned if coffee is needed crappy instant is all you're gonna get!

Sairee Beach


This island staple has locations in both Sairee and Mae Haad. They make excellent coffee and have a good breakfast/lunch menu. Like most western places on the island they serve a Full English Breakfast as well as healthier options like Muesli Fruit and Yoghurt. 

New Heaven Cafe

Located in the heart of Sairee Beach, New Heaven boasts an extensive and unique menu. Breakfast burritos, German breakfast, Scandinavian breakfast, delicious pastries, you'll have to go back because it's so hard to choose.

Indie Cafe

The newest member of the club is off to a great start. They have a simple menu done really well and arguably the best pastries on the island. The lunch menu is great too. And the people watching is excellent when the island gets busy.

Fitness Cafe

Feeling the need for the healthiest fuel available? Head up the hill to Gym & Fitness, their adjacent cafe serves up delicious fare made with healthy and organic ingredients. 

Cafe Culture

Who doesn't want breakfast with a beautiful ocean view? Located a few hundred meters down the walking path (headed toward Mae Haad), Cafe Culture makes high quality food served in solid portions. And the view of Nang Yuan doesn't suck.

Blue Water

A bit farther down the walking path, Blue Water is a multi-story beach front restaurant with a small but excellent menu. They serve good coffee and a wide variety of teas.  

Mae Haad

Taco Shack

We have big hearty breakfast burritos, bacon & egg tacos, French Press coffee and a variety of teas. Those big nights out demand a full belly morning and we've got what you need!

Coffee House

Part of (and right next to) the Ban's Diving office, Coffee House has good espresso drinks and a simple but tasty breakfast selection.   

Chalok Bay


These guys have been on Koh Tao for years. They have locations in both Mae Haad and Chalok Bay. They have an extensive menu with an obvious French flare.